Client Work

Engage Your Audience

Eddyline Media is not only about telling big stories, it’s about engaging audiences. Corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies all have important messages that need to reach and engage their audiences. We use the same high level of technology, story-telling and commitment to our craft for our clients that we use for broadcast. The following are samples of success stories that we are especially proud of.

Special Olympics International

When Special Olympics International wanted to share compelling stories about “a day in the life of” coaches at their U.S.A. Games, they came to Eddyline Media. We responded by producing a series of motivating videos that followed coaches in multiple sports as they shared their experiences at the event. The purpose of the videos was to help prepare new coaches for their role while also showing how incredibly important and rewarding their work is. The result was the creation of a highly effective tool for recruiting and retaining new coaches.

Keystone Insurers Group

For the past five years, when Keystone Insurers Group needed an engaging video to kick off their annual Partners Meeting, they came to Eddyline Media. Each year we awed their audience by producing a larger-than-life multi-screen, multimedia production. One year, we welcomed Keystone and their partners to Kentucky, where they had just expanded their business, and visually drew them into the unique features and landscape of the state. Another year, we connected Keystone’s vibrant 30-year history to the history of our country by bringing live actors depicting our founding fathers on stage at their meeting in Philadelphia. By coming up with new and creative ideas each year, Keystone looks forward to an exciting and creative opening video to their most important yearly event.

Technology Council of Maryland

When the Technology Council of Maryland needed entertainment and a creative way to introduce award winners at their most important annual event, Eddyline Media came up with a way to incorporate a local celebrity, a dynamic group of kids, and a serious topic of achievement into a lively, fun, and highly successful event that included the use of video and live entertainment. In doing so, we told many stories of success and got a few good laughs along the way.